11th Aug 2022 @ 11:41 am

After major hikes in prices, reaching and surpassing previous record highs, the price of fuel has fallen slightly.

The average price per litre of gasolina 95 in July has fallen to 1.62 euros compared to June month when it stood at 1.64 euros per litre. Gasolina 98 has fallen from 1.75 euros to 1.71 euros per litre and the price of a litre of diesel has fallen from 1.63 euros to 1.60 euros per litre.

The price of fuel still has a way to go before reaching what it used to cost per litre. Just 12 months ago a litre of gasolina 95 would cost an average of 1.13 euros, gasolina 98 1.22 euros per litre and diesel 1.05 euros per litre.

Nevertheless, motorists have the option of shopping around. Various price-comparing sites, which monitor prices that the island’s petrol stations have submitted to the government are available online. 

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