26th May 2023 @ 10:13 am

PP candidate for Yaiza, Juan Monzón Rosales, has announced that he plans for a new viewpoint to be built at Femés should he win the upcoming election.

Mozón stated that the proposed plan is “completely respectful to the environment”, and would include a “walkable area with local flora”, adding that it would make “the views [over Playa Blanca] as open as possible and include a fully accessible area for people with mobility issues.”.

The Femés viewpoint as it is now and the new proposal:

“The basic idea is to create a well kept-space, in tune with the environment, with elements and materials from the island that can be used by residents and visitors with total safety and comfort.”

“It is a perfectly feasibly project that aims above all to highlight the great natural and scenic value of the area. Along with the creation of the viewpoint, there will also be information panels in several languages”, Mozón added.

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