18th Jan 2024 @ 9:52 am

99 squatters who were evicted from unfinished properties in Playa Blanca on Tuesday are reported to have turned down the offer of temporary accommodation and found alternative arrangements.

24 children are among the group of people who were evicted from an abandoned building complex in Playa Blanca after the promoters, Explotaciones & Inversiones Adara, applied for an eviction order. The houses have been empty since 2006, and some of the squatters have been living in the premises for several years.

The evictions took place on Tuesday morning, with families protesting that they had nowhere else to go. The Cabildo offered the families accommodation at the Nature Centre in Maguéz, as well as transport to schools, but the families turned the offer down. It is reported that most found space to stay in other properties nearby, and others entered other unfinished buildings in the resort.

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