18th Jan 2024 @ 9:53 am

Police in Arrecife have inspected a building in Arrecife where tourists who were offered “shared rooms” on Airbnb discovered several tents.

The situation was reported by a tourist who discovered that the “urban co-working” accommodation promised by the advertiser at €25 a night was, in fact, a commercial property containing 20 nylon tents erected indoors, with shared bathroom facilities.

Among the contract signed by the tourist were instructions saying “You should not give explanations to the neighbours and people from outside about this co-working. The neighbours do not want tourists. Do not allow them to enter the premises. They are not friends”.

The premises lack any kind of licence or permission for offering accommodation. Arrecife Mayor Yonathan de León said that “We do not want this type of ‘tourist activity’ to be in our city. We work for a better type of tourism where, when you arrive on the island, you find the accommodation that you have contracted and planned.”

It is not the first time that tents have been offered as accommodation-sharing platforms in Arrecife. Last year it was reported that a local resident was hiring tents on their roof at €15 a night.

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