13th Dec 2020 @ 8:31 pm

In July, as Spain entered what was being called “the new normal”, the Canarian Government commissioned a public health advertisement to warn against the risks of family gatherings, which went viral on social media and won international awards.

Titled “The Last Gift”, the video showed a family reunion to celebrate a grandfather’s birthday present. Family members kiss, share glasses, sing and generally ignore anti-Covid measures. The old man is offered a gift, open it and discovers … a hospital ventilator. The advert ended with the grandfather unconscious and struggling to breath in an intensive care ward.

Now, a sequel to the advert, tilted “A Toast to Everyone” brings a happy ending, in one of those heartstring-tugging Christmas ads that are just as popular in Spain as they are in the UK. This ad begins with the grandfather looking at a photo of himself and a group of health workers celebrating his recovery in the hospital, before his daughter calls him for Christmas dinner.

There are four at the table – the current limit for gatherings in Tenerife – and all wear masks when not drinking or dining. The windows are opened for ventilation, and the diners keep their distance, while enjoying soup prepared to Grandad’s “master recipe” . Later, another daughter is seen on a video call, and she says she’s sorry she can’t be present before announcing to her father that she’s pregnant. Finally, the grandfather looks fondly at a photo of himself and his presumably deceased wife. 

The advert ends with the slogan “For those who were here, for those who are here and for those who will be here – don’t let your guard down at Christmas.”

You can see both advertisements on these links:

The Last Gift

A Toast To Everyone