20th Aug 2022 @ 9:00 am

With fuel prices still high, it’s worth reminding readers that online comparing services allow all motorists to find the cheapest fuel on Lanzarote.

Prices on Lanzarote range from between €1.48 to €1.60 per litre (Gasolina 95), which could make a difference of up to €6 on a full tank. 

Fuel prices must be logged by each petrol station in Spain, allowing them to be published. The PCan garage in Tias and the Disa station in Macher regularly rank among the cheapest stations on Lanzarote for unleaded.  

Among the several comparing sites are www.komparing.com, or just Google “precios gasoline Lanzarote”. You’re able to toggle between  fuel types and even locate stations on a map.   

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