8th Jun 2023 @ 9:41 am

A video of a young camel buckling under the weight of two grown men at Timanfaya has gone viral and caused angry reactions throughout Spain.

The distressing video shows a young camel tethered to its mother by a muzzle, and apparently shows how younger animals are trained to their life of transporting tourists through the volcanic pathways.

On two occasions, two adult men sit in a saddle on either side of the camel’s back and urge the mother in front to to move.  The young camel tries to follow, urged on by another man slapping its haunch, but on both occasions it grunts in distress. its legs buckle and it collapses back to a kneeling position. 

Finally,  a woman off screen tells the men  “Don’t do that in front of everyone or they’ll report us.”

The Spanish tourist who posted the video on Instagram has sated that she will report the incident when she returns home. 

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