9th Jun 2023 @ 8:46 am

The Canarian Camel Raising and Conservation Association has condemned the “bad practices”  that were filmed at Timanfaya on Tuesday, when a young camel collapsed twice under the weight of two adult men and was slapped by another handler.

After the footage went virtal, a spokesperson for the association said they “thoroughly condemned” the treatment and claimed it was an isolated incident. “In no way is this a habitual practice in camel handling.”

The association claimed it was Yaiza Ayuntamiento which had the responsibility to penalise animal cruelty and ensure that such treatment did not take place “habitually”.

Yaiza has already announced that it will take action, and has started a process to establish the correct penalty. Meanwhile, the camel handler involved in the video has apologised publicly, saying “Things got out of hand”.

“The damage is done, but I want to recognise my mistake,” he said.

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