20th Mar 2023 @ 10:05 am

Britons, Colombians, Italians and Moroccans are the largest foreign communities on Lanzarote, according to recent figures from the Cabildo of Lanzarote’s Data Centre.

The figures show a rise in the British population to 6,882, the highest number in recent years. This could possibly be explained by the greater necessity of registering as a resident following Brexit and the end of free movement.

It’s the highest number of Brits since 2013 after which numbers dropped to just over 5,000. This coincided with new Spanish tax declaration rules that encouraged many British residents to renounce residency and adopt non-resident status.  

Colombians, Italians and Moroccans are the next largest foreign populations, with around 4,000 each. Italians have shown the most notable increase, with almost twice as many now resident on the island than there were ten years ago.

Germans, Chinese and Rumanians are the other populations with over 1,000 residents on the island.

Figures are not provided for Irish residents, but it is likely that a significant proportion of Lanzarote  residents listed as from “Other European Countries” come from Ireland. 

Overall,there are 35,500 foreign residents on Lanzarote, 22.5% of the resident population.

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