2nd May 2020 @ 9:46 am

A new children’s book by a Lanzarote writer and artist aims to explain and remember the 2020 lockdown, when children helped to save the world.

The coronavirus lockdown is likely to live in our memories for the rest of our lives. But while it’s still going on children need all the help they can get to understand what’s happening at a worrying but often rewardingly intimate time.

Once Upon Those Rainbows is a message of hope at a time when we need it most.

Written and created by Gazette Creative Director Carla Sylvester, it’s a book aimed at helping children understand and remember the lockdown that descended on Spain, the UK and many other parts of the world in March 2020.

It was a time that saw millions of children suddenly separated from their school friends and playmates; when they weren’t allowed to leave the house for weeks on end; when beloved elderly relatives were suddenly off limits and the news was full of words like “death” and “disease”.

It’s this time that Carla wanted to address in her colourful, exciting book, a tale in which children do their bit to help the heroes.

Anyone who’s seen a microscope picture of the coronavirus, or knows what the Spanish word “corona” means, will recognise the wicked King of the Monsters, who terrorises the streets attacking old people. It’s up to four superheroes, each with special powers, to stop him – but they’ll need a little help from the children who are locked up indoors.

At just one year old, Carla’s own son, Jayden, is perhaps a little young to know exactly what’s going on, but Carla never wants to forget the lockdown. “These have been very worrying times for me as a single mum, but I’ve also been closer to my boy than ever, and realised how much I’m missing when he’s at nursery.” Among those unforgettable moments were Jayden’s first steps, and when the Spanish government relaxed the lockdown on children on April 27th, he finally left the house to walk outdoors for the very first time.

Once Upon Those Rainbows is ideal for kids from 2 to 8, and its colorful pages and exciting text make it great for reading aloud. From the rainbow posters and the evening applause for health workers, the book also captures some of the unforgettable moments of the lockdown.

Find the Facebook page @Onceuponthoserainbows for updates. You can buy the book at www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B087CQ4BQW