9th Jan 2022 @ 10:26 am

Children will return to school normally tomorrow throughout Spain, despite the still-increasing amount of coronavirus infections.

Health Minister Carolina Darias announced the decision last week, saying that it had been reached “unanimously” with the education ministry and Spain’s regional representatives, who had all called for” maximum normality” as the new school term started.

The government and the regions also agreed that, at infant and primary levels a class would not be placed in quarantine unless it had five or more infections. Four or fewer cases would be regarded as “sporadic”. At secondary levels, only the individual affected, any close contacts or any classmate showing symptoms needs to quarantine.

These decisions are largely based on the fact that children are rarely seriously affected by Covid, and the Omicron variant appears to be even milder. Teachers’ unions on the Canaries, meanwhile, have called for more teachers to be hired in order to cover possible sick leave.

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