23rd Nov 2022 @ 11:56 am

The Guardia Civil have arrested the alleged perpetrator of a bizarre robbery in San Bartolomé that occurred last month.

On October 28th the alleged perpetrator, an 18-year-old, entered a hairdresser’s and began to threaten one of the clients with a knife. They later placed plastic handcuffs on the client and ordered him to move into one of the other rooms in the salon.

At the same time, the unaware salon owner soon caught on and realised that the alleged perpetrator had intended to rob her.

The perpetrator grabbed the owner’s bag which contained that month’s takings. Luckily, she was able to recover the bag, however, the perpetrator had managed to inflict minor injuries to the owner’s arm, lip, and finger during the struggle.

While fleeing the scene the perpetrator had left a rucksack behind which contained personal belongings including a mobile.

This would end up being important to the Guardia Civil’s investigation which allowed them to ascertain the alleged perpetrator’s identity.

They has since been arrested and are now awaiting the following legal procedures.

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