The old capital of Lanzarote

Tour guide David Penney takes us on an easy stroll through the history of Lanzarote's ancient capital, Teguise.

SARA Protectora dog walk

Tour guide David Penney takes a different walk to usual – one that's suitable for almost everyone, and which is guaranteed to bring you enthusiastic new companions. It may not be the prettiest route on the island, but it'll make you feel great.

Playa del Paso

Just outside of El Golfo there is a breathtakingly beautiful black sand cove, sometimes called “the secret beach”. Tour guide David Penney takes us on a trip to Playa del Paso.

Mirador de los Helechos to Teguise

David Penney leads us down from the beautiful heights of Lanzarote to the old town of Teguise.

Montaña Colorada

The circuit of Montaña Colorada is one of the most accessible ways to experience Lanzarote's spectacular volcanic heartland on foot. David Penney leads the way...

Volcán de la Corona

Watching over the northernmost part of Lanzarote, the Volcán de la Corona is one of the most beautiful volcanoes on the island, and the lovely walk there is one that no one should miss. Let our guide David Penney lead the way...