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Lanzarote offers two short ferries to La Graciosa from Órzola in the north and to Fuerteventura from Playa Blanca in the south. Here’s all you need to know about catching the ferry.


Most people who visit La Graciosa will be on a day trip. That’s because accommodation is scarce and highly in-demand on the island.

To get there you’ll need to catch the ferry from Órzola at the northernmost point of Lanzarote. If you plan on using the bus then you’ll need to catch the number 9 bus from the Estación de Guaguas in Arrecife (main bus station).

There are a number of buses that can bring you to the main station from the resorts such as the 60 or 161 lines. You can use Lanzarote’s bus website to calculate your bus route for you if you are unsure: https://arrecifebus.com/.

It may be worth printing out the number 9 bus line timetable as it only journeys to Órzola 4 times a day with the last trip back to the station at 6:10pm.

Once you arrive in Órzola you’ll want to catch the earliest ferry so that you can spend as much time as possible on an island as unique as La Graciosa – where roads are sandy, the beaches are quiet, and the food is delicious.

We recommend booking directly with the Lineas Romero ferry company who run regular ferries to and from La Graciosa throughout the day. It will cost non-residents 28 euros for adults and 15 euros for children for a round trip (7 euros and 3.75 euros for residents.) With the Ida y Vuelta (to and return) ticket, you can return on any of their scheduled times.

You can book in person at the check-in desk; however, we recommend booking online to make sure you get a ticket. You can find all the booking information on their website: https://www.lineasromero.com/en/rutas/lanzarote-la-graciosa.

With Lineas Romero you’re allowed to take luggage of up to 20kg per person, but we recommend just taking a small backpack with some essentials like a big water bottle, your swimming trunks and plenty of suncream.

Check out our visitors guide on what to see and do in La Graciosa: https://gazettelife.com/places-to-visit/visiting-la-graciosa/.


Stepping off the ferry at Corralejo is like letting out a deep breath. There’s a chilled-out vibe on Fuerteventura that’s deeply seductive, but there’s also plenty to keep you stimulated in this buzzing resort.

To get to Fuerteventura you’ll need to catch the ferry from Playa Blanca’s newly extended port. The number 60, 62 and 161 buses will drop you off at the Estación de Guaguasin Playa Blanca (main bus station) where you’ll then need to walk approximately 10 minutes down the road to the port. The 60 and 161 lines run all day.

Once there you’ll need to visit the Lineas Romero ticket office just to the left of the new car parking area (find the Cicar office and walk down the road until the final building on the left before the port). Lineas Romero charge non-residents 38 euros for adults and 20 euros for children for a round trip ticket (9.50 euros and 5 euros for residents.) The same luggage allowances apply, 20kg per person. You can find all the booking information on their website: https://www.lineasromero.com/en/rutas/lanzarote-fuerteventura

If you plan on staying the weekend on Fuerteventura, you can take your car on board the ferry if you wish.

Boarding with a vehicle is very easy, there will be staff waiting at the port to direct you to the right lane where your ticket will be scanned. Just before the boat departs you will be directed to park on the boat. Once parked you can exit the vehicle and head up to the main deck to enjoy the views.

Before arriving at the port in Corralejo you’ll be asked to return to your vehicle via the intercom and later directed off the boat one by one.

Check out our visitors guide on what to see and do in Fuerteventura: https://gazettelife.com/places-to-visit/visiting-corralejo/  


On your journey to and from Fuerteventura you should keep your eyes peeled on the water as your sail by. Flying fish can be seen on this route – they’re a little hard to spot at first but once you see one you’ll be able to see the others as they take flight over the water.

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