5th Jun 2023 @ 12:17 pm

La Graciosa is one of the highlights of anybody’s trip to Lanzarote, but it’s worth planning it an advance. Here’s what to do on your trip.

Most people who visit La Graciosa will be on a day trip. That’s because accommodation is scarce and highly in-demand on the island, and the campsite is closed until October 15th due to Covid restrictions. So be sure to catch an early ferry and make the most of your day. The views of the Famara cliffs from the ferry are one of the highlights of the trip, although it can get a bit rough.


You’ll arrive at the harbour of La Graciosa’s capital, Caleta de Sebo – a scattering of sugarcube houses on sandy, untarmacked streets. There are some nice cafes and restaurants along the seafront, and other tempting establishments are hidden away in the back streets. You’ll also find a couple of small supermarkets and a tiny museum. It’s a great place just to let time go by and watch the imposing cliffs of Lanzarote across the water.


The only motor vehicles that will get you around La Graciosa are 4x4s. There are 14 taxis on the island, and you’ll probably have to book yours well in advance. Cyclists can hire bikes, but walking is easiest. In both cases, you’ll need to take sun protection and any food and water you’ll need.


Playa Francesa is 3 kms to the west of Caleta de Sebo, and the spectacular Playa de la Cocina, set in an azure cove overlooked by a volcano the colour of cinder toffee and chocolate, is another kilometre or so further on. Or you can head off north for a 5 km walk to the Playa de la Concha, one of the most spectacular unspoiled strands in the Canaries. Hikers may want to scale Montaña Amarilla or the isle’s two highest peaks, Agujas Grandes and Agujas Chicas. Both offer amazing views and astounding volcanic colours.


La Graciosa and Õrzola both offer private sailing trips around La Graciosa, and it is possible to hire a 4×4 for a guided “Safari” of the island. Scuba divers can enjoy some of the most spectacular marine life in the Canaries.