24th Oct 2022 @ 9:01 am

The vinyl scene on Lanzarote is minute, however, there are a few places in Arrecife that sell vinyl records. We went on the hunt for a few records last weekend.

Despite losing its spot as the best-selling physical music format, vinyl has remained popular and is now back in the mainstream. Hundreds of current artists are now printing vinyl records as fans look to bolster their collection.

Vinyl collectors won’t have much luck finding records on Lanzarote, however, there are a dedicated handful of residents who keep the fire burning…

We went on the hunt for vinyl in Arrecife last weekend and picked up a few gems along the way – there aren’t many shops around but you’re sure to find something interesting.

We checked out clothing shop Bysiroco first, which has a selection of brand-new records as well as second hand singles and 12 inches. We picked up Grace Jones – Jones The Rhythm 12” super single and a Prince 7” single including “I wanna be your lover”.

Next, we checked in with Ángel from Bar Asturias who has by far the biggest collection on the island. We picked up a UK pressing of Stevie Wonder’s “Talking Book” and Donald Banks – Status Quo 12” single.

Lastly, we met with Tito at C.C Buganvillas where we picked up a Prince – 1999 12” single for just 2 euros.

Unfortunately, that’s just about it! Most collectors on the island will have to get online or catch a flight to feed their addiction.

If you’re an avid collector you won’t want to miss out on our 2-page vinyl-head feature including interviews with local collectors on the island.

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