17th May 2023 @ 1:38 pm

A caregiver, her partner and her daughter have been arrested by the National Police after stealing 12,000 euros worth of jewellery and 9,000 euros cash from the person she cared for.

The National Police have arrested two women and man, aged 49, 25 and 38 years old, all of which have no existing police records. The three were arrested as the alleged perpetrators of theft.

An investigation was launched when the daughter of the victim reported that her mother’s jewellery was missing as well as the money that she had in her safe.

The National Police took statements from both the daughter and the victim, later finding that her caregiver had been routinely withdrawing money from her bank account which she was trusted with. In total, the three managed to withdraw 9,000 euros cash.

In addition to this, the National Police also found that the three had stolen various jewellery pieces over time and had been selling them.

The three have been arrested and are now awaiting the following legal proceedings.

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