20th Feb 2024 @ 9:05 am

An exhibition that takes visitors to La Palma during the 1930s through photography is touring all of the Canary Islands and has landed in Teguise until March 7th.

“La Palma 1931- Postcards from another time” is a new photographic exhibition that takes visitors back to La Palma during the 1930s, thanks to a collection of historical images from former Madrid company Colecciones Loty.

Colecciones Loty was founded in Madrid in 1925 by Concepción López y López along with Charles Alberty – together the name Loty combines the letters of the names López and Alberty.

The company was known as a publisher of postcards between 1926 and 1935, generating a photographic archive of thousands of glass negatives of Spain and Portugal.

After 1936 the company’s archive remained hidden for decades in an apartment in Madrid. In the 1990s it was divided into sections for sale to regional and local institutions, however, most of it was acquired by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and kept in the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain (IPCE).

In the exhibition, which is touring all of the Canary Islands, has a selection of 30 enlarged photographs is accompanied by a photo album showing 114 historic photographs of La Palma during the 1930s.

The exhibition can be seen at the municipal library in Teguise, from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am – 8pm.

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