8th Jul 2023 @ 8:40 am

Our readers regularly send us messages and emails regarding Lanzarote, here are some of your thoughts that we printed in the July edition.

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Dear Gazette,

We’re thinking of hiring a car when we come to Lanzarote in September, so we can see some of the sights and walks featured in your magazine. But we are a bit nervous about driving there. Do you have any tips?

G & K Tunnicliffe

Ed: Car hire is a great way to see the island, and once you’re accustomed to driving on the right, you’ll find an excellent network of roads, and drivers who are generally well- behaved and patient.

Leaving the airport can be stressful for nervous beginners, so we’d advise waiting a day or two and hiring in your resort. GPS is a good idea, and it may be worth planning routes in advance on Google Earth, too.


Dear Gazette,

Well, I headed along to vote on May 28 with my TIE card and passport, and after being shuffled from table to table was finally informed that I couldn’t vote because I hadn’t confirmed my intention to do so in January, when I wasn’t here. I had no such problems last time, so when was this requirement brought in?


Geoff, via email

Ed: the same requirement existed in 2019, Geoff, but I think this time they may have actually removed foreign voters who didn’t confirm their intention to vote from the electoral roll. We can’t say if Brexit had any bearing on this, or whether it applied to EU citizens, too.


Dear Editor,

In the 80’s – 2000’s Dear Deidre was a very popular agony aunt feature for the Sun newspaper.

You probably remember Deidre giving advice on anonymous mails with regard to personal problems.

In the current climate, there has never been a better time to help people whether it be advising on relationships, financial, emotional and physical. Many people are struggling and even this form of advice maybe able to help.

With this in mind I thought it maybe a good idea for Gazette to do a section on this and it may even become a popular feature.

Robert Blackie

Ed: I’m not sure how expert we are on relationships and romance, Robert, but we’d certainly be willing to give help and advice for other problems. If anyone would like to share their problems, (anonymously, of course) we’ll see what we can come up with.


Dear Gazette,

Just the best edition, June’s Gazette Life.

From the article on the use of pallets – only the day before we saw a “fence” of pallets at Arrieta – to the articles on the entrance to Costa Teguise (the aerial view is amazing) to the Hotel Salinas on the front with he salt planes in the background.

Well done, keep up the brilliant work!

Larry and Carol

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