5th Feb 2023 @ 9:48 am

Lanzarote ticked all the weather boxes yesterday, recording instances of rain, hail and some small tornadoes.

Just as the island’s weather looked to be on the up, Lanzarote reminded us that we’re not quite done with the rain yet.

On Friday, the emergency services issued a pre-warning for heavy rain on Saturday which the north of the island caught the worst of. Videos surfaced on social media showing large rushes of water running down a street in the north of the island and pushing cars aside.

The island also experienced some hail, with Masdache, Teguise, Mala, Arrieta and Tinajo seeing heavy spells and were left with a white blanket almost resembling snow.

Elsewhere, a small tornado was filmed in Tahíche and Teguise.

Playa Blanca seemed to miss the strange weather, only experiencing the sounds of thunder and infrequent spells of light rain.

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