17th Aug 2023 @ 9:52 am

The Guardia Civil have dismantled a marijuana plantation in Costa Teguise, seizing 118 plants, containers with buds inside, hashish, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and edibles.

On August 5th, the Guardia Civil arrested the alleged growers for crimes against public health. They were arrested for growing and producing marijuana in their home in Costa Teguise – selling to various cannabis clubs on the island.

The investigation began after neighbours complained about the smell coming from the home.

Upon searching the home, they found 118 plants of varying size, several containers with approximately 1500 grams of buds, hashish, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and edibles.

Additionally, the Guardia Civil found equipment used to grow the plants including LED lights, special growing kits, seeds and gardening tools.



You cannot be arrested for using cannabis on private premises, and it is also legal to grow marijuana for personal use at home (a limit of two plants is specified, and they must not be in view of the public). Tourists should be aware that holiday accommodation does not fall under this exception unless the owner gives permission (cannabis-friendly hotels and pensions exist in some parts of Spain).

In the case of this raid, those arrested were selling to cannabis clubs, therefore not keeping it for personal use.


These establishments permit the consumption of cannabis on the premises to members only.

Members pay a membership fee and do not buy the product, but usually pay “subs” which are based on an estimate of how much they are likely to consume in a month.

Once cannabis is taken off the premises, the law is being broken. Some clubs enforce this rule strictly, while others have been much more lax (and a number of clubs have been closed and fined for doing so).

One advantage of cannabis clubs is that owners usually know what they’re supplying – product is locally grown by aficionados.


Medical cannabis users are currently in the same boat as recreational users, although the Spanish government has pledged to regulate the law so that cannabis can be prescribed by medical specialists, and has promised that progress on this issue is “very advanced.”

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