3rd Feb 2024 @ 10:02 am

The owner of Casa Pedro in Playa Blanca has given his side of the “€125 prawns” scandal that has featured in the UK press.

Dean Cadywould and his wife Kerry went public after they were charged €125 for five prawns at Casa Pedro on Playa Blanca seafront. Their story was published by the Daily Mail and other British media.

However, restaurant owner Pedro Santana told La Voz de Lanzarote “What the tourist said is not true.” According to him, the couple ordered lobster, and, when told it was unavailable, agreed to an offer of fresh carabineros instead. According to Santana “He didn’t ask the price and seemed happy when they arrived.” 

Carabineros, are a prized and expensive variety of large shrimp, known for their flavour and brilliant red colour.  €25 for a single carabinero is a fairly normal price in seafood restaurants.

However, it seems that Cadywould, who described them as “king prawns” was unaware of what he was ordering, raising the question of whether information of prices on such orders should be clearly provided.

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