5th Sep 2022 @ 12:39 pm

If you’ve shied away from trying a bold wallpaper in your Lanzarote home, why not think again? It may just act as the final piece of your interior puzzle.

Wallpaper was originally used to imitate expensive tapestries hung on walls by the wealthy as early as the 1500s. However, it didn’t gain major popularity until cheap colour printing made wallpapers widely available in the 19th century.

Innovations in steam-powered printing processes allowed British manufacturers to mass-produce wallpapers, which reduced production costs and made it affordable for working-class households.

By the time that the early 20th century arrived, wallpapers were one of the most popular interior design features worldwide. Since then, they have gone in and out of fashion but made a strong comeback in recent years with websites such as Pinterest inspiring new ideas for wallpaper use.

Minimalism has taken the limelight for some time, with homeowners opting for a paint bucket and brush, rather than a roll of patterned wallpaper and glue.

Wallpapers have changed a lot in that time, becoming stylish and modern, following the current design trends, and keeping up with changes in home furniture. Keep this in mind before you wince at the thought of your grandparents’ old wallpaper on the feature wall of your living room.

You will seldom see wallpapered walls on Lanzarote – even a genius of colour and form such as César Manrique seems to have lived his life without seeing much need for it. However, it can still make a real difference to your home.

The secret is in how you use it. The first rule of using wallpaper is to not overdo it. Papering the entire room with a pattern or strong colour will make the room feel smaller and give you a headache. Just as you would with a bold colour of paint, use a striking wallpaper as a feature wall that echoes accent colours or repeat the wallpaper elsewhere to tie it together.

One of the main drawbacks of wallpaper is the price so using it sparingly will allow you to use the highest quality option.

The second rule is to think of your surroundings. Using thick woodland and floral inspired patterns don’t reflect the natural landscape of Lanzarote whatsoever. Look for something more subtle with simple shapes, or embrace your personality with vivid and bold colours.

Lastly, check the walls! Make sure that the soon to be papered walls are prepared for the job. The presence of damp is fatal for wallpaper.


Wallpaper patterns are a product of the time that they were designed – if you want to achieve a 50s look then go for chintzy florals and if you want a 70s look then go for mind-bending optics in burnt orange.

In recent years, floral patterns have made a comeback on design inspiration websites such as Pinterest and TikTok. Art-deco has seen a resurgence also, as well as more minimalistic soft and abstract patterns.

Whichever wallpaper you choose, remember to keep the accent colours in mind. Try to find a design that matches the colour of your sofa, cushion covers or lampshades.

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