25th Sep 2023 @ 10:28 am

The emergency services were alerted to a tuna fishing boat in the early hours of Sunday morning, after it was attacked by a marlin.

At approximately 4am in the early hours of Sunday morning, Emerlan received a call from the crew members of a tuna fishing boat that was 30 miles off the coast of Lanzarote.

They reported that a marlin had attacked the boat and caused a leak that could have caused the boat to sink had they not began to pump out the water in the engine room as they headed back to Lanzarote.

As the emergency services arrived, they decided to keep the boat moving towards the nearest port as the crew tried to mitigate the leak.

They arrived safely in La Tiñosa where both the crew and Emerlan staff began emptying more than 13 tons of water from the boat.

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