15th Feb 2023 @ 10:53 am

Teguise Ayuntamiento have launched their annual love letter competition titled “Amor y Desamor Los Novios de El Mojón” in which participants submit love letters with the chance of winning cash prizes.

Teguise Ayuntamiento’s annual competition calls for love letters to be submitted by mail or email, written in Spanish and following the letter structure (greeting, body, farewell). Short stories, poems or any other type of expression will not be accepted.

With a maximum of two pages, the letters must be presented with a title, double-spacing, in Times New Roman with a text size of 12.

All submitted letters must be original and not plagiarised from the internet or elsewhere.

Mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, and Teguise’s Culture Councillor, Nori Machín, presented the new competition yesterday in honour of Los Novios de El Mojón. Teguise Ayuntamiento will now be accepting letters until March 24th.

The Lovers of El Mojón

The poster features the spectacularly-endowed Novios de El Mojón (Lovers of El Mojón) – based on ancient sculptures made by the original natives of Lanzarote. The figures are believed to have been symbols used in a fertility cult.

More recently, copies of the two lovers were exchanged between couples – the boy would present a male figure to the object of his affections and, if accepted, she would respond by giving him a female figure.

Read the full details for the competition here: https://teguise.es/teguise-convoca-el-nuevo-certamen-de-cartas-de-amor-y-desamor-los-novios-de-el-mojon/

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