15th Feb 2024 @ 9:27 am

An online petition by residents of Caleta de Famara seeks to reverse Teguise Ayuntamiento’s decision to add parking spaces to the village.

Last weekend, Teguise Ayuntamiento converted certain two-way streets into one-way roads, gaining space that was used to create hundreds of new parking spaces.

The petition states “Many residents woke up a few days ago to a horrible surprise – they had converted our beautiful little village into a gigantic carpark for 200 more vehicles, almost all of them hire cars”

The residents complain that the parking spaces narrow the road, reduce visibility and increase the risk of traffic accidents, as cars have to reverse into the street to exit. They also say the spaces have forced pedestrians to walk in the street.

Teguise Mayor Olivia Duque has already responded by admitting she was shocked by the sight of the new parking places and has said the council will study reversing the decision, but she has defended the choice to add parking places to Caleta de Famara, saying that it is necessary to maintain tourism and prevent parking in the dunes area. 

Vote in the petition here:


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