13th Oct 2023 @ 8:28 am

Around 30 islanders from La Graciosa, mostly women, will make their way down the steep Famara cliffside tomorrow for the second annual Descent of the Gracioseras.

This event was inaugurated last year as a way to remember the fortitude of generations of women on the island, who once used to regularly climb and descend the cliff to sell dried fish at Haría Market. Participants will wear the traditional bucket shaped Graciosera hat and other items of traditional dress.

The Descent will start at 4 pm, and once they have reached the beach, three vela latina sailing boats will take the women back across El Rio to Caleta de Sebo, where a concert, a street parade and other celebrations will take place.

Lineas Maritimas Romero is offering a special boat to the see the arrival at the beach and has also added a ferry route from La Graciosa to Órzola at midnight.    

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