4th Apr 2024 @ 9:39 am

A video posted to social media this week shows a vehicle driving on the footpath at Volcán del Cuervo.

In the video the car can be seen parked on the footpath as the occupants walk back to the vehicle with one limping. It has been confirmed to us by a reader that the car drove onto the footpath to rescue someone that had sprained their ankle on the footpath and could no longer walk.

This is the second incident at Volcán del Cuervo this week, after the Tabaiba Collective published a video of a man running past a sign that forbids visitors from leaving the footpath.

The video showed a young man who has climbed the side of the volcano, leaving several footprints in the ash and picón, before running down again and leaping onto the path. The Tabaiba Collective has called on Cabildo President Oswaldo Betancort to take measures.

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