18th Apr 2024 @ 3:45 pm

Two VOX councillors of Arrecife Ayuntamiento, Eugenio Hernández Cabrera and Jorge Enrique Barrios Rodríguez, have called for works to be carrried out to beautify the capital.

Eugenio Hernandez has made it clear that regardless of the large investments required by the municipality to undertake all kinds of medium or large projects, the current Government Group, formed by the Partido Popular and Coalición Canaria, “should park their differences and their constant confrontations in public and in private to undertake relatively easy and urgent works in the capital.”

“It is not difficult to think of the need to repaint some of the most emblematic buildings of the capital, places where in these times of cruise ships thousands of tourists pass by every week. It is not difficult for them to repair and paint fences in public parks, public gardens,” Hernandez stated. 

“With the arrival of summer, materials exposed to the elements deteriorate easily; they need, obviously, protective coats of paint. Previously, it has been necessary to undertake a cleaning and repair to give the proper utility to each area,” Hernandez added.

“Some people talk about the tourist attractions that Arrecife has, which it has, but if we are not able to take care of the basics, what are we talking about?”.

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