3rd Oct 2023 @ 9:14 am

Recently arrived migrants have had to spend the night on Arrecife’s main commercial pier, after places in the temporary attention centre near the Police Station were filled up.

The Cabildo has requested assistance from the Spanish Government to deal with the recent influx of migrants, with over 400 arrivals on eight boats in the last few days.

Migrants are usually taken to the tents near the police station and processed within 48 hours before being moved to other centres on the larger Canary Islands or mainland Spain. Around 30 or 40 children and their guardians have been accommodated in Argana Alta.

Cabildo President Oswaldo Betancort called on the government for action and resources, pointing out that a SIVE radar system that “would save lives” has still not been installed and a Maritime Rescue vessel was recently transferred from Lanzarote to the Balearics. 

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