17th May 2023 @ 9:06 am

The company that owned the buggy in which a 61-year-old Irishwoman died on Monday “complied with all necessary requirements”, according to the Environment Minister of Lanzarote’s Cabildo, Nicolás Saavedra.

The buggy plunged 20 metres into a disused quarry on Monday afternoon, killing one woman and seriously injuring her daughter, who yesterday remained in critical condition at Arrecife’s hospital.

Sources claim that the buggy in which the two women were travelling left the convoy that was travelling near the quarries for reasons that are unknown, heading off the track and ending up falling into the quarry. 

Enrique Espinosa, director of the hospital said that he had been told that “The buggy was going too fast, it left the road at a bend and fell into the quarry.”

Saavedra said that the business which owned the buggies was regularly in contact with the Biosphere Reserve and had a licence from Teguise Ayuntamiento to operate in the area of the quarry, which is close to the “lunar landscape” south of Teseguite.

Saavedra said “This has been a great misfortune. It’s an accident that could have happened at any time, but we must improve. Not all companies operate as legally as this one , and it is the responsibility of the Cabildo and the Ayuntamientos to make sure they do.” 

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