24th Jan 2024 @ 9:52 am

The French artist who painted on two abandoned houses in rural Lanzarote has apologized for her act but has also posted a sharp criticism of Lanzarote’s attitude to its heritage. 

After publishing photos of the works on Instagram, Vanessa Alice, who paints under the name Miss Van, received strong criticism on social media. After Cabildo President Oswaldo Betancort invited the artist to discuss the issue, a “constructive meeting” took place. However, the island’s heritage department has issued a complaint that could result in a fine and issued an order to return the building to its previous state.

Miss Van posted a photo of the 18th century ruined house she painted on, showing crumbling walls, a collapsed roof and an old mattress on the floor. “Here are the ruins of Lanzarote’s heritage, and the people of the island are criticizing and insulting me for my painting, saying I’m destroying the island’s heritage. Something to think about, no?”

Miss Van claimed that Lanzarote has inspired her to start painting in the open air again after several years of working in the studio. “I feel bad that my painting has caused so much controversy and I’m sorry for having painted on a ruin classed as heritage, but I nor anyone else deserves such so much hatred from people who do not know my work. It’s the first time this has happened to me in 30 years of painting walls, and I think it’s very sad.”