1st Feb 2024 @ 8:18 am

The Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism (CACT) announced that visitor numbers in 2023 exceeded all forecasts and expectations as they recorded almost 3.5 million visitors last year.

César Manrique’s works attracted almost 3.5 million visitors during 2023, 3,480,119 specifically, which is 14.9% more than in 2022. This surpassed the 3 million visitors in 2022 and 2018, which were benchmark years.

“This trend shows that the CACT centres are more alive than ever and continues to garner interest of many tourists who come to Lanzarote”, stated Cabildo Tourism Councillor Ángel Vásquez.

Timanfaya unsurprisingly received the highest number of visitors at almost 1 million last year, while the Jameos del Agua received 800,000 and the Cueva de los Verdes received 580,000 visitors.

“These figures support our management model and allow us to continue contributing to the development of the island and its people. It is a question, from now on, not of growing in any way to break new records, but of continuing to improve the quality of our experience in order to grow in a sustainable way”, Vázquez added.


The CACT centres received 250,000+ visitors in December last year, an increase of 1.48% compared to December 2022.

Timanfaya, Jameos del Agua, and the Cueva de los Verdes, the latter narrowly beating the Mirador del Río for total visitors, were, in that order, the most visited centres during December last year.

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