25th Sep 2023 @ 9:15 am

Breakfast is, for many, the most important meal of the day, and here on Lanzarote there are so many delicious and tantalizing way to charge your batteries for the glorious day ahead.

Normally, the island is full of tourists, many of whom have probably overdone it at a buffet. The hotel buffet is an adventure in itself, with sweaty trays of bacon and beans, a toast conveyor belt, heaps of sculpted fruit and a queue for dodgy coffee – it’s a place where British, German, Dutch, Scandinavian and Spanish tourists can all find a way to breakfast in their own style.

At home, breakfast options allow you to enjoy on-trend porridge or create your own zingingly fresh smoothies. Evolution means fruit is there for one reason – to be eaten – and that’s why it’s so fragrant, colourful, and delicious. Lanzarote’s wide range of fresh fruit offers you the basis of the most natural and satisfying breakfast in the world.

But to really experience breakfast Lanzarote style, you need to get out. Unsurprisingly, breakfast is often a social occasion in Spain, as locals start the day with a café con leche and maybe a pastry, croissant or light sandwich at a local bar, cafe or pastelería. This may be taken mid-morning, rather than first thing.


Una ración de churros, por favor – A portion of churros, please.

Un cruasán – A croissant. The Spanish pronunciation is easier than the French.

Un pincho de tortilla – A slice of tortilla (Spanish omelette).

Un zumo de naranja – An orange juice. Always freshly squeezed.

Un Colacao – A sachet of sweetened cocoa powder with milk is one of the universal Spanish breakfasts.

Un bocadillo – A filled roll.

Un sandwich – Take a wild guess.

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