A vision made real

In 1960, José Ramírez Cerdá, known to all as “Pepín” was elected as President of the Cabildo of Lanzarote. He would leave that post in 1974, having transformed the island in a way that seems scarcely believable.

The history of Lanzarote’s shipwreck

The Telamon, the large shipwreck that lies between Arrecife and Costa Teguise, came to Lanzarote in 1981 after suffering serious problems during a storm and has remained stranded just off the coast ever since.

How they measure Lanzarote’s volcanic activity

Lanzarote is in constant motion, a volcanic island that is shifting and trembling all the time. These movements are constantly measured and monitored by specialists here and around the world. We recently visited the source of this information, the Lanzarote Geodynamic Laboratory, to find out more.

The man who designed Lanzarote’s first five-star hotel

Fernando Higueras was the visionary architectural genius who designed the first five-star hotel on Lanzarote – the Meliá Salinas – and helped César Manrique to transform Lanzarote.

The history of Ireland’s connection to the Canaries

The Canaries and Ireland share a long and sad history of famine and emigration, but Irish emigration to the islands first took place around 1651. Here’s the history of Ireland’s connection to the Canary Islands.

When Churchill planned to invade the Canaries

British tourists account for more than 50% of the island's visitors, but how many of them know that Churchill planned to invade the Canary Islands in 1941?