The history of Lanzarote’s hotels

The history of Lanzarote’s hotels echoes the way the island has changed utterly over the last century.

The Devil of Timanfaya: Legend or Lie?

César Manrique’s devil sculptures greet hundreds of thousands of visitors to Timanfaya each year, but is there a tragic story behind the prancing demon with the pitchfork?

César Manrique’s Palace

César Manrique's genius can be seen all over Lanzarote, but you won't get a full idea of the immense vision and enchanting character of the man himself until you visit the Taro de Tahiche, the astonishing home he built in the bubbles and tunnels of a volcanic lava flow.

Lanzarote hit by mega-tsunami

A Spanish/Portuguese research team has discovered evidence of massive prehistoric mega-tsunamis on Lanzarote, Tenerife, and Gran Canaria. They believe the gigantic waves were caused by immense ancient landslides when flanks of islands collapsed into the sea.

Lanzarote’s tin sailors

Jolateros are an emblem of Arrecife. These brightly painted little tin boats are still an essential part of the capital's fiestas, and the survival of this tradition is down to one man.

The stories behind Lanzarote’s statues

Monuments to individuals are few and far between on Lanzarote, but here are three we found in Arrecife.

Lanzarote’s ancient lichen trade

Lichens are the oldest living things on Lanzarote, the first vegetation that appeared on volcanic rocks after they erupted from the sea. They may not do much, but they have changed the history of Lanzarote and the Canaries forever.

Lanzarote’s Doctor

As Lanzarote tackled the coronavirus, the name of one man was in the local news all the time, despite the fact that he died more than 50 years ago. However, there’s no better time to remember Dr José Molina Orosa, the man who the island’s main hospital is named after, and a local hero who devoted his life to fighting illness and saving lives.

Lanzarote’s Superbowl

Canarian bowls is the most popular Canarian traditional sport. So last month the Gazette’s Shaun Addison and Sabrina Suppers enjoyed the atmosphere at one of the island’s biggest bowling events.

Into the Devil’s Chasm

The Devil’s Chasm, a volcanic shaft in Timanfaya, has been confirmed as the deepest of its type in the world.