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About us:

Macassar is the capital of Sulawesi, a large island northeast of Borneo. For centuries, the Macassarenean master carpenters have been perfecting the manipulation of the wood obtained from Teak (Tectona Grandis). The durability and water resistance features of this wood makes it possible to create long lasting furniture. Furniture that brings warmth to our homes, are the objects that Macassar seeks to bring to Lanzarote since 1998.

Macassar Store and HoHoHo Popups:

During the festive period, Macassar is the largest distributor of Christmas decorations and furniture in Lanzarote. Providing hundreds of fantastic and unique pieces for the public to view and purchase.

In addition to their main store, in Arrecife, Macassar open HoHoHo shops around the island. The two main shops include one in Teguise and one in the Biosfera shopping centre.

Below, you will find important dates and times for the HoHoHo Pop-up shops.

  • Macassar Store: Mon to Sat
    Calle Néstor de la Torre, 30 (Arrecife), Mon to Sat (10:00-20:00)
  • HoHoHo Pop-Up: Tue, Sat, Sun
    La Villa de Teguise, Tue & Sat (10:30-14:30)&(18:30-20:00), Sun (9:15-14:15)
  • HoHoHo Pop-Up: Mon to Sat, Sun
    1st floor Biosfera Centre, Mon to Sat (10:00-22:00), Sun (11:00-21:00)

Contact us:

Call us – +34 928 81 63 96

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Visit our website, here.