December 29th

The Princesa Yaiza Hotel are holding their annual Be Brave & Run race this year.

The last run had raised €9000 for the charities Growing Yaiza and Aspercan.

The Be Brave & Run race offers 4 different tours:

For years 5 and younger – 200M at 10:00am
For years 5 to 9 – 500M at 10:15am
For years 10 to 13 – 2.2k at 10:30am
For years 13 and up – 5K at 11:am

This year the charities are Growing Yaiza and Brave Little Association.

Growing Yaiza aims to help families who have children with learning difficulties, providing care and treatment that they may need.

Brave Little Association is a non-profit association by parents of the Canary Islands who have had children affected by Childhood Cancer. They aim to provide support and care for families experiencing this.

Click the video below, to learn more about the race.

To enter the race, click here.