Canarian strawberry tree

Every month, Francisco Bermejo of Canriensis Garden Design introduces us to a native Canarian plant. This month it’s the beautiful Canarian strawberry tree (Arbutus canariensis).

Grow your own

Vegetables grow easily on Lanzarote, but they’ll need some tender loving care before you chop them up and eat them.

Summer pool preparations

Summer is fast approaching and whether your pool is private-use, or used by guests at your holiday villa, it’s important to make sure that the pool is in top condition to avoid any problems that may crop up down the line.

A streamlined past

The Art Deco boom of the 20’s was more than just an interior design fad; it was a movement that would influence the design of some of the world’s most recognisable buildings along with furniture and fashion. Although the peak of Art Deco’s relevance has long since declined, it has been making a comeback in recent years.

Home fitness

The world is more health conscious than ever, especially after being stuck indoors for months on end. Many are now taking time out of their day to complete their daily exercise.

Weed and wildness

Lanzarote’s native plant life is undervalued and often overlooked, but it still plays an important part in the natural life of the island.

Flower power

Flowers are what we need at this time of year, and Lanzarote won’t let you down. Here are a few of the undisputed stars that the island can offer - tough, beautiful, and full of happiness and wonder.

The Canarian Cardón

Francisco Bermejo of Canariensis Garden Design introduces us to another native Canarian plant. This month it’s the unmistakeable cardón (Euphorbia canariensis).

Reflections on white

Lanzarote’s white colour scheme defines the island. It’s a trademark image that has advantages and disadvantages.

Work from home in comfort

The lockdowns of 2020 led many into working from home, and while most returned to work after the lockdowns were lifted, some found that the change suited them and chose to continue working from home.