Pandemic property reset

Spanish property sales are higher than they have been since before the 2007 financial crisis, and estate agents believe the coronavirus pandemic may have something to do with it.

Modelo 720 “Illegal”

The European Court of Justice confirmed that parts of Spain’s notorious Modelo 720 tax form were illegal recently, in a judgement that has been welcomed by the property and fiscal sector.

Failing the Killer Touch

The Rojillos (Reds) have had a difficult start to the season. They have only lost on three occasions, which only the top two clubs can better, but the problem has been that they have drawn 10 of the 16 games played. This leaves UD Lanzarote…

Election Currency Boost

The pound rose to a three-year high against the Euro immediately following Boris Johnson’s victory in the UK General election. Brexit has, over the last three and a half years, been bad news for sterling, but the currency markets…