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Contact: Martina
+34 643 654179
Punta Mujeres
871 €
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Eliminate odors, optimize hygiene, defeat COVID-19

Innovative photocatalytic odor removal and infection control with hydroxyl-oxygen plasma

• Removal of all organic odors including smoke, urine and butyric acid within 30 minutes
• Improved infection control for guests, employees and visitors
• 42% reduction in staff downtime
• Hotel rooms, restaurants and many other work areas can be put back into operation immediately
• Reduction of the need for cleaning chemicals and perfumes
• Extended life of textiles
• Improves customer satisfaction
• Safe and efficient and compliance with all protective regulations
It is also maintenance free and has a high-performance UV lamp with a service life of approx. 9,000 hours.
Flyer upon request by mail or phone available
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