1st Aug 2023 @ 10:39 am

Lanzarote has several hidden oddities that tourists and residents often miss. Here are our top 5 secret spots for you to visit:

5. Tenesar

You’ll come across the hidden village of Tenesar if you take a short detour down a dirt path from the town of Tinajo. The village sits right on the Lanzarote coast and the houses there are often used by owners at the weekends.

The village marks the start of a coastal walk, features a number of small beaches as well as some good view points.

4. Cueva del Agua

The Cueva del Agua is a deep rock pool that can be found off the beaten track from Guatiza in the north of the island.

On a day with calm waters its popular with hikers and teenage locals who set their bags on the rocky outcropping and take a dip. A rope is located along the sides which allows swimmers to climb up and dive into the pool from a height.

CAUTION: This can be dangerous if the waters are rough, take extreme caution and never enter the water if there are strong currents.

3. Caleton Blanco

Probably the most blindingly white beach on the island, with coarse coral sand, this miraculous beach just south of Órzola is on the edge of a large shallow lagoon that quickly warms up in the sun. It’s perfect for kids, but get there early, as it can get very popular.

2. Playa Quemada

Close to the luxury resort of Puerto Calero, Playa Quemada is a small village featuring a small group of houses, a beach and a handful of seafood restaurants.

For those who prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the resorts, a Saturday at Playa Quemada might be for you.

1. Rofera de Teseguite

One of Lanzarote’s most unique rock formations – the Rofera de Teseguite is almost alien in appearance. A popular spot for models/photographers, the strange formations are grey and black in colour with arches and small alcoves.

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