31st Mar 2022 @ 7:32 pm

The lockdowns of 2020 led many into working from home, and while most returned to work after the lockdowns were lifted, some found that the change suited them and chose to continue working from home.

After Spain imposed lockdown measures in 2020, many office workers would have had to take their work computers home with them. This was an issue if you didn’t have a home office or a room which you could dedicate to working and led many to working from the dining room table or the breakfast table.

Two years on and a lot of those that worked from home chose to continue working from home as it suits them. However, creating a comfortable work environment in your home is important to working efficiently. Sitting at a small desk with a non-ergonomic chair will cause discomfort in the long run.

To work from home full time, you’re going to need a good quality office chair. Chairs with decent lumbar and pelvic support don’t come cheap but they’re worth it long term. The risk of developing back or posture issues are higher when we work at our desks. Try to look for a chair with an adjustable height, angle, and arm rests.

The desk is just as important as the chair. Look for a desk with good storage and suitable surface area to fit your computer, keyboard, mouse, and miscellaneous items.

You’ll want to position your chair correctly with your desk and make sure that your eyes meet the top of your computer monitor.

Good posture can greatly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury. Remember that your head, neck, and torso should be aligned vertically with your elbows at the same height as your keyboard.

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