1st Aug 2022 @ 6:00 am

Summer is here and that means we’ll all be spending more time outdoors in our gardens and swimming pools but before we go out to soak up the sun, we must put sun cream on to protect ourselves from the heat. However, you may not have realised that, just like us, our villas also need protection from the sun.

The temperatures that Lanzarote experiences from August onwards are brilliant for holidaymakers and kids on school break, however, they’re not so great for our villas. Every roof on Lanzarote needs protection from the sun – they’re exposed to the sun every day.

It isn’t just the heat that can damage your villa roof but the intense UV that comes with Lanzarote summers. Without proper protection they can damage your roof and cause costly problems when the winter rains come.

What may start as small cracks in your roof ’s paint can soon turn into possible leaks in the winter months when the island experiences showers. To save yourself placing buckets in your living room to catch water droplets it’s best to have your roof sealed now before the height-of-summer temperatures arrive.

You may think you’re a DIY whizz, but chances are you’ve a lot to learn about the demands placed on Lanzarote homes. And you’re likely to discover your mistakes when it’s already too late.

The professionals will use a specially made coating that both protects your roof and also makes it look stunning. The coating resists the heat, seals the roof and is long lasting.

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