10th Aug 2020 @ 10:57 am

Shortly after reopening and hearing stories of financial struggle and hardship from locals. Steve and Steph at The Lighthouse restaurant in Playa Blanca have decided to host days where those in need could bring their families to enjoy a free meal. Shay Rourke visited the first event.

First published in Gazette Life, August 1st 2020.

How did you find the lockdown?

We struggled; it has been incredibly quiet, and it hasn’t been easy. Judging by the response to tonight, we haven’t been the only ones.

How much preparation went into tonight?

More than we expected! We’ve had lots of opportunities to promote what we are doing and get the information to as many people as possible. We are expecting about 40 people to come tonight. The tables are spaced out according to the distancing rules, and the staff are wearing facemasks. We’ve been running this place for 12 years, I think we’ll be fine.

It’s a fantastic idea, what has been the response to it?

We have had a great response from people. The last thing that we want is for people to be too embarrassed to ask for help. I think a lot of people would shy away from coming tonight and asking for help, don’t be. There is no shame in asking for help, especially in times like these.

Are you seeing the same faces? Or are new ones coming to the Lighthouse?

We have had a lot more Spanish-speaking customers than usual. Our Spanish is okay, but our new waitress goes to school here and can communicate much better. There are quite a few Spanish families coming tonight also. So in a sense, the lockdown has brought people together regardless of the language barrier. At the end of the day, we’re all affected by this.

We got in contact with Steph and Steve after the event to ask how it went. “Everyone had a brilliant night. We served 37 plates of food to those in need, and all the plates came back clean! This was such an amazing experience; we were humbled by the thanks from those who came to us for help.