14th Sep 2021 @ 11:01 am

At this time of year, outdoor living is the only option on Lanzarote. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of ways to do it – here are just three…


“Chiringuito” is the Spanish word for a ramshackle beach bar – the sort of shady, palm-roofed hut that serves beer and cocktails to a soundtrack of salsa or bachata. On Lanzarote, local by-laws mean that these sort of establishments are difficult to find, but the laid back chiringuito style has influenced businesses, as well as homes, all over the island, and you’re almost certain to find chiringuito style structures in most local hotels.

The key to chiringuito style is informality – we’re talking about bamboo, driftwood and woven palm, and the most important element is a solid wooden bar or counter. Furniture is almost always cheap and cheerful, with plastic and aluminium every bit as popular as wood.

Make sure there’s plenty of shade, and, if possible, go for natural palm roofs. Chiringuito style is perfect for any place where you gather to enjoy drink. If you fancy food as well, then go for a barbecue – sardines and grilled meat are true chiringuito flavours.


Morocco is just a few hundred miles away from Lanzarote, and its influence can be seen everywhere from local chimneys to the fragrant cumin in local recipes. Moroccan style is also seductive and perfect for Lanzarote living.

Start with tiles – not just a fixture in swimming pools, but a decorative element you can really develop in your outdoor space. Beautiful and durable, they’re the perfect choice for a gorgeous, low maintenance exterior space.

Next, address comfort. Divans, chaises and daybeds are perfect, but it’s the cushions where you can really go to town. Ornate, delicately embroidered soft furnishings in gorgeous, sumptuous colours and patterns are the essence of North African style.

Don’t forget water. The sound of running water – somehow cooling even though it’s only a sound – symbolises luxury and relaxation throughout the Arab world.


One of the key elements of adapting your outdoor space is the time of day. Ask yourself when, exactly, will you be spending most of your time out of doors?

While visitors bake in the midday sun, residents tend to take things a little easier – and if you live here, it’s likely that the cooler mornings and, most of all, the warm evenings, will prove most attractive to you.

Sunset is a special time on Lanzarote, especially so if you have a west-facing view. It’s a time when flowers open up, releasing their fragrance, and when we traditionally sit with family and friends, talk, chat and simply enjoy the good life.

Dining is a central part of this, and a grill or barbecue adds its own charm. Lighting is also important as the shadows lengthen and darkness falls.

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