31st Mar 2022 @ 7:28 pm

Lanzarote’s landscape will soon flourish with life. After the arid summer months and winter rains, the island changes its colours, representing the arrival of spring with summer soon to follow. Your home interior can follow suit as well.

When the winter nights draw in it’s common for our homes to become darker. Darker in tone, darker in colour, and darker light levels. When we think of homes during the winter we think of log fires, dark brown leather furniture, and thick blankets.

But now our clocks have gone forward for the summertime, and with this change should come a change of attitude in our home interior. It’s time to put the heavy quilts away and fling the windows open to invite the sunlight and fresh air into our homes.

Before you plan your new interior it’s important to think about what spring symbolises. A season in which we can start afresh and celebrate something new. It’s also the season when we see flowering plants bloom and take on new life.

Open-plan living

Open-plan living makes the home brighter, more spacious and is ideal in allowing fresh air and sunlight through a home. However, careful planning is needed as it’s easy to undo your new open space with clutter.

Open-plan is all about space and the freedom to move that it allows, so thinks about “traffic” while planning – how frequently routes are used, and the most efficient ways to plan them.

Keep your open-plan flexible with light furniture that’s easy to move. Try different combinations and see what works best for you and your home.

Bring the outside in

A biophilic design can bring spring into your home. Incorporate different shades of green into your home with various potted plants. Container plants can be stunning on Lanzarote – just head to any of the luxury hotels on the island or visit one of Manrique’s homes, and you’ll see how they can be used to amazing effect.

If you’re planning on buying pot plants then you may need to introduce more natural light into your home by reconfiguring furniture, curtains, and blinds. A watering and maintenance routine will also be necessary.

Invite colour

Say goodbye to the winter months with an explosion of colour in your home this month. You can welcome a breath of energy into your home with vivid yellow and pink accent pieces.

If you’re looking for a more subdued theme, then think of marigold and terracotta to introduce colour into your home without taking over the space. They look best when matched with a neutral like black or grey. Pastels are also roaring back in a big way.

Mirror magic

Mirrors are a clever way to make a space look bigger and brighter. To achieve the best effect, you’ll want a large mirror with a thin frame.

Hold the mirror in various places around your space until you find the perfect spot. It’s important to make sure that the mirror catches the natural light and reflects it, to do this you’ll need to hang the mirror at the right height. Experiment and see what works best for your space.

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