Gazette contributor Jane Burke writes: “I need your help to help our cats. Today, thanks to funding from Judith from Pals, I have neutered two beautiful young feral cats at Freddie’s Dreamland.

I need your help to sustain this place for our cats. – Freddy Leon

Whether you’re a cat lover or not, the work done by Freddie and his many helpers, by Liz and Colin from Costa cats, Mandy and by so many others involved in the thankless task of CNR (Catch, Neuter, Release) dramatically reduces suffering and feline deaths. But not all cats can be immediately re-released.

I need your help to keep Freddy’s Dream alive, to keep at least this one cats’ home safe, where cats that cannot be released in the wild can remain safe until they can be rehoused.

I need your help to stand up and put the price of a couple of cups of coffee on the table. To ask anyone you have ever thought might just be a decent, kind, caring sort to do the same. Pass the hat round and get your kids to spend a little less on games ands a little more on life. Collect what you can from anyone you can and get them to do the same and pass it on to Freddy.

I know the man who lives, breathes and works too long and too hard every day for the cats. He has no time, energy or training to fight an internet war and defend himself from accusations and lies. No time to ask for support from those who can help. So I am asking for him – for your help, here and now. Please give a little and get a great deal of others to give as well and see what we can do between us all to make Freddy’s Cathouse secure.

To go to Freddy’s Facebook page, click here.