31st Mar 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Interior designers have taken TikTok by storm, sharing the tips and tricks of the trade. Videos of the interior designer influencers repurposing or “hacking” furniture have inspired millions of users to try it for themselves.

We do it all the time – we spend hours walking up and down the aisles of furniture departments trying to find that perfect final piece of our home puzzle, and we often stumble upon something that could be the perfect piece, but it isn’t the right colour or shape.

It could be a pair of cabinets that don’t have the right legs or handles, or maybe a bed frame that would be perfect if it wasn’t that colour. But instead of walking away, how satisfying would it be if you could turn that bargain into something perfect. That’s where repurposing comes into play.

TikTok user Shayna Alnwick has amassed over half a million followers with her tips and techniques, encouraging homeowners around the globe to see every furniture item as “The One” with just a bit of creativity.

Although Alnwick repurposes furniture pieces to sell later on, her videos show just how easy it is for homeowners to customise their furniture at little cost. All it takes is a little creativity and some decorating know-how.

Three essential tools


This is a necessity for removing any varnish, lacquer, or paint from wooden furniture. It’s also handy for smoothing any putty or filler you may use. For smaller items of furniture sanding by hand is manageable, however, for larger items an electric sander is definitely a good idea, guaranteeing an even result that hand-sanding may not achieve.


To fill in holes or blemishes you may create when repurposing. Applying a filler or wood putty with a putty knife is easy to do and is a quick way to undo any mistakes you may have made. A quick sand afterwards when it’s dry and you’re good to go.


Of course, you’re going to need brushes for applying paints, varnishes and lacquers. Make sure that you buy new brushes big and small to cover all areas from fine work to large strokes.

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