6th Sep 2020 @ 1:01 pm

One thousand years ago the largest and most culturally advanced city in the world was Córdoba in Andalusia. This delicious tapas classic from Córdoba uses Arab-influenced cooking techniques on aubergines, which were introduced to Spain by the Moors in the 8th century.


– Aubergines

– Olive oil

– Sparkling mineral water or beer

– White Flour

– Water

– Salt and flor de sal flakes to serve

Honey (Canarian palm honey or cane syrup for vegans)


Cut the aubergines into medallions or sticks, roughly the same size as British chips. Place them in salted water to remove any bitterness.

Transfer the aubergine pieces to a bowl of sparkling water or beer and leave them for 30 minutes. For some reason this stops them absorbing oil and ensures the final dish is crunchy.

Fill a deep frying pan with 2-3cms of olive oil and heat it until a small piece of bread browns rapidly.

Roll the aubergine pieces in flour, covering them well.

Fry the aubergine pieces in small batches, to avoid lowering the heat of the oil. Remove to a bowl with absorbent paper when they are browned.

Drizzle honey over the fried aubergines, sprinkle with salt flakes and serve.