Hotel testing “not the perfect solution”

The Canarian Government is drawing up a law that will make certification of a negative Covid test in the previous 72 hours a condition for any tourist staying in holiday accommodation on the Canary Islands. Although the date for the law to come into effect has not yet been announced, the Canarian Tourist Councillor Yaiza Castilla has said it will be “very soon” .

Imported cases are not the problem

Manuel Muñiz, the secretary of state of Global Spain, has finally explained the Spanish government's reasons for their refusal to permit airport facilities to be used for testing.

Who will test non-tourist arrivals?

Lanzarote's tourist association, Asolan, has declared its opposition to the Canarian Government's plans to conduct testing of tourists in hotels and tourist accommodation. Nevertheless, the Canarian government also appears to be fully aware of the plan's shortcomings.

Dutch tourists return as Canarian Government promises testing regime

British and German tourists will soon be joined by another important market for the Canaries, after De Telegraaf reports that the Netherlands will put the Canary Islands on their yellow list, meaning travel is permitted and Dutch visitors are only recommended to be aware of local rules and regulations against the virus.

Wine Wins

Four Lanzarote wines won medals at the recent World Wine Awards in Brussels, which featured 8,500 wines from 47 countries.

Avoiding a repeat of summer

German and British tourists can already be seen on the promenades, beaches and resorts of Lanzarote after the two most important markets for tourism in the Canary Islands declared that travel to the islands was safe.

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State of alarm likely today

Today, Spain will be placed under a state of alarm again for the first time since June. However, this time there will be no national lockdown and regional leaders are likely to be able to take their own decisions on how to use the wide-ranging legal powers provided by a state of alarm.

Christmas “will not be normal” as Spain prepares for tough months ahead

Mainland Spain is facing up to strict measures to control rampant coronavirus infection rates, and Christmas is likely to be very different from the ones we know – even here on the relatively safe Canaries.